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When you want a serious lawyer in Chalmette and the greater New Orleans area, contact us for quick, prompt and courteous legal services. Consultations are always FREE and we are licensed to practice law in the state of Louisiana.

CRIMINAL DEFENSE: Our experienced criminal defense counsel represent clients facing a range of criminal charges: traffic violations, drugs charges, domestic issues, prostitution and theft, to name a few. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime at the federal, state, municipal, or traffic level you need a criminal defense lawyer with an experienced team who will fight for your rights.

PERSONAL INJURY: Louisiana law protects personal injury victims and their families when injury isn't their fault. Dan Robin, Jr. works with victims to receive money for their medical expenses (doctor fees, hospital charges, drug costs, rehabilitation or nursing home fees) as well as lost wages or future earnings. Pain and suffering may also be available and compensation due for losses incurred by spouses and children. You need an experienced attorney and law firm to help during these troubling times.

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Appellate Practice or Arguments

The Law Offices of Dan Robin, Jr. represents clients before Federal and State Appellate Court. Dan Robin, Jr. can handle a varied array of legal issues relevant to the business community in areas such as labor and employment, bankruptcy, antitrust, class action suits, product liability claims and punitive damages. Our Law Office also has the ability to argue criminal and habeas cases, as well as cases raising issues of constitutional law and Federal jurisdiction.

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