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Across the country, marriages are coming to an end more frequently than ever before. In fact, recent studies show that 40% of all marriages end in divorce. Marriages end for a variety of reasons. Infidelity, abuse, or simply falling out of love. Whatever the reason, support and guidance is needed to help ease the transition following married life.

There are many obstacles to overcome following the break up of a marriage. The division and allocation of property and assets is one of the most important and difficult tasks. Often, if there is no prenuptial agreement, the battle for shared assets can become heated. In order to maintain civility, it is suggested that both parties have legal representation trained in divorce law in the state of Louisiana. A more sensitive matter that often must be broached during such proceedings is that of child custody, child support, and child visitation rights. It is important to keep the child's best interests at heart during these difficult times.

Divorce law in Louisiana differs greatly than other states and Finckbeiner and Robin can help counsel with this delicate matter. In many divorces, emotions can cause people to make poor decisions and we do our best to help seek a peaceful and straightforward resolution when possible. However, we are prepared to be aggressive and fight for our client in court should the need arise.

With a free consultation, we can get to know you and your concerns about the future and your family. We will help you understand your legal situation, the laws of the state and the options you have available.

We help our clients in both contested and uncontested divorce matters and can resolve disputes through negotiation, family mediation, and if necessary, litigation.

Some important topics in divorce law you may need counsel for:

With so many things to consider as you go through a divorce, you will need experienced legal counsel to guide you through the divorce process. Initial consultations are always free, so contact the law office of Dan Robin, Jr. for compassionate legal services.

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