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A large part of Dan Robin, Jr.'s practice is to provide effective representation for bond and bail hearings, including first appearance hearings. First-appearance hearings are usually held within 24 hours of the arrest. Prospective clients can use any of our phone numbers (New Orleans or Chalmette) to contact us. When we leave for the day, the phones are transferred to an answering service, which will contact us if a client needs us immediately.

At that first appearance hearing, a judge determines whether the arresting officer had probable cause to arrest the person and what amount bond is to be set. In some cases, a judge has the ability to increase or decrease a bond amount at a bond reduction hearing. We discuss the situation with the client or his/her family, arrange for a quick meeting, contact the judge, Magistrate and even jail to determine charges, anticipated bond and scheduling of bond. Then we make arrangements with the judge for bail.

The judge may consider many factors when setting a bond, including a person's criminal history, his/her ties to the community, whether he/she is a flight risk, whether he/she is currently on probation, or whether he/she poses a threat to the community.

The Bail Process

Bail is a process through which an arrested "criminal suspect" pays a set amount of money to obtain freedom from police custody, usually after booking. The payment works as a "deposit" as a condition of release, with the suspect promising to appear in court for any scheduled criminal proceedings. If the suspect fails to appear in court as requested, they will be subject to immediate arrest, and any bail amount paid will be lost.

If the suspect does not obtain release by paying bail after booking, a judge may make a bail decision at a separate hearing, or at the arraignment. Regardless of the timing, the bail amount may be pre-determined by a "bail schedule", or the judge may set a monetary figure based on seriousness of the crime, the suspect's criminal record, danger that the suspect's release might pose more harm to the community and the suspect's ties to family, community, and employment.

A suspect or suspect's friends or family may put up the full bail amount as set by the court. If funds are not available, a "bond" may be posted in lieu of the full amount. A bond is a written guarantee that the full bail amount will be paid in the event that the suspect fails to appear for the scheduled proceedings. A bond is usually obtained through a bail bond agency that typically charges a fee in exchange for posting of the bond. They may also demand additional collateral before posting a bond, as the agency will be responsible for paying the full bail if the suspect "skips bail" and fails to appear as agreed.

Dan Robin, Jr. may be contacted 24/7 to handle bond and bail requests by calling any of our office. If you need legal help after our normal business hours, someone will get back in touch with you quickly to help with the bond and bail process.

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